FotoFjodor is web based resource which represents two photographers from Latvia, Fjodor Romanov and Konstantin Romanov, father and son.

Fjodor started to shoot photos in his childhood in summer of 1960 when he had gotten his first camera. Since then he is passionate photographer. While his study in Riga Polytechnical Institute (now Riga Technical University) he had been taught by professional photographers to shoot (process film and print photographs as well) and worked as photojournalist for local newspaper. Even though his education and field of occupation after were apart from professional photography he continued as hobby photographer. When retired from his job as power engineering specialist in 2010, his hobby and passion turned again into pro photography.

Konstantin started to shoot much later then his father, in age of 33, in summer 2010, when he was involved into corporate photo calendar creation as assistant to his father and website building. The only knowledge in the art was drawing he studied in childhood. At this time Konstantin studies in Riga Technical University at Faculty of Civil Engineering but the photography is his professional occupation.

Both Fjodor and Konstantin master their knowledge and technique in the Art of photography continually: shoot photographs, attend master classes with famous pro photographers, last three years visited “Art Camp” - creative camp for photographers. With the full frame camera purchase, Konstantin started to license some of his images through leading microstock agencies, what gave him knowledge in stock photography quality requirement and experience in post processing.

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